Subject: Strange bug
Location: Naples, FL
October 25, 2014 2:15 pm
Yesterday I found a bug in the bathroom, a type I have never seen before. Since we occasionally have silver fish, I thought it might be an odd looking one. Then today I saw something move ever so slightly at the rug’s edge [an area rug in the den]. Closer checking and it looked just like the bug I found yesterday. I got a magnifying glass and tried to figure out what it might be. I spent the last 90 minutes searching the web as best I can. No luck. I’m as puzzled now as ever. I will attach a couple of photos, though not the best, but the best I could do.
The bug measures 5/8 inches by 1/4 inch. Color appears to me to be a tan or ivory and the head appears to be a redish color.
Any ideas?
Signature: Charles Sebrell

Case Bearing Moth Larva

Case Bearing Moth Larva

case bearing moth larva

Dear Daniel Marlos,
That was quick.  My thanks.  I have now checked it out with that title.  Must admit, I have never seen one before.
My sincere thanks!
charles sebrell
naples, fl
Life is just simpler if you plow around the stumps.

Dear Charles,
Thanks so much for your kind response to our terse identification of a Case Bearing Moth Larva.  We have decided that your original written request was so nicely worded and your response was so kind that we retroactively determined to go live with a posting.

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Location: Naples, Florida

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  1. Arlette says:

    I found a few in my bathroom. How did it get there? The first time and I’ve live here for ages! Freaked me out! I have a recording of movements.

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