Aphid, we believe

Aphid, we believe

Subject: Just found these on my medical cannabis.
Location: Maine
October 14, 2014 7:19 pm
Hey bug man. Just found these crawling on the pots of my cannabis plants. Look like mites. Larger ones have two pronounced “tails”. You can see one of these tails in the photo below.
I am hoping to get an answer as I haven’t been able to find much online.
Thanks so much for your time.
Signature: Conor

Dear Conor,
We believe this is an Aphid, and you mentioned “larger ones” in your request which means there are also smaller ones.  Aphids reproduce parthenogenically without fertilization, with females giving live birth to offspring, so there are often various sizes of Aphids found together.  Young are nymphs that go through simple metamorphosis, so except for size, different ages look quite similar.  We found much literature online regarding Aphids and the culture of Marijuana, including this page on the I Love Growing Marijuana site.
  Aphids plague many gardeners of roses and plants other than marijuana, and there are many predators of Aphids that are helpful for people who do organic gardening.  Organic nurseries often sell Lady Beetles or Lacewings to eat Aphids, but they are not necessarily native predators.  Rather than introducing predators that might negatively affect the local ecosystem, we would advise trying to encourage native predators.

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Location: Maine

3 Responses to Probably Aphid found on Medical Marijuana

  1. The first bug post I have seen for my state and of course it would have to be something found on a pot plant!

  2. He needs to report it to the dispensary that he obtained it from so they can contact their supplier and check the rest of their inventory as well as deal with the source of the infestation. This begs the question of whether or not the psychotropic properties of the marijuana are transferred to the aphids. ie Would eating aphids that dine on medical marijuana get you stoned?

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