Leaf Footed Bugs

Pale Red Bugs Mating

Subject: Panamese bugs
Location: Bastimentos, Panama
October 13, 2014 6:10 am
These two bugs were photographed in Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro province, Panama in february 2012.
Are they Disdercus species or do they belong to another Pyrrhocoridae genus or maybe Hypselonotus?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Signature: David

Leaf Footed Bugs

Mating Pale Red Bugs

Hi David,
Several years ago, we mistakenly identified
Hypselonotus atratus as a Cotton Stainer, but in your case, we believe you really do have a Cotton Stainer or Red Bug in the family Pyrrhocoridae.  It looks very much like Dysdercus concinnus, which is pictured on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, the Pale Red Bug ranges as far south as South America.

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Location: Bastimentos, Panama

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