Stinging Slug Caterpillar

Stinging Slug Caterpillar

Subject: is this stinging slug bug
Location: kukke subramanya, Karnataka, India
October 11, 2014 12:46 am
dear Mr. Bugman
me and my friends had been to trekking and we happened to come across this particular slug.
i was wondering if you could give me a clear idea as to what it exactly is and if the species has been identified .
we found this bug in Kumara parvata, kukke subramanya, karnataka , India
Signature: Aditya

Dear Aditya,
You are correct that this is a Stinging Slug Caterpillar in the family Limacodidae, but we are not having much luck with a species identification.  Your individual looks similar to, but not exactly like, this Stinging Slug Caterpillar from China on FlickR.
  It also looks similar to this Wattle Cup Caterpillar, Calcarifera ordinata , that is pictured on the Brisbane Insect Website.

Location: Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka, India

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  1. Good Post. Liked the Post

  2. sumedha says:

    someone found such a caterpillar in Maharashtra, India. In konkan area, at post Morawane Village, Taluka- Khed, Dist. Ratnagiri

  3. Su Ketkar says:

    I saw it today near Ratnagiri

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