Ant Alates

Ant Alates

Subject: Is it a wasp??
Location: central Iowa
October 8, 2014 4:25 pm
These bugs are in our garage. They seem to be falling from the roof. About a month ago this happened and they reappeared today. The swarm appeared quickly and once I opened the door they flew out eventually. They look like flies but not quite. We have had a wasp nest it that area in the past. If you can figure something out that would be great! I looked it up and found a cicada killer that looked similar. Thank you!
Signature: Miranda

Hi Miranda,
Mistaking for wasps these flying Ants, which are members of the reproductive caste known as Alates, is understandable since Ants and Wasps are both classified in the order Hymenoptera.  Since you had two swarms appear in your garage, we deduce there is at least one colony living within the footprint of the garage.

Location: Iowa

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