Subject: Found this in my Aquaponics System
Location: Patterson, CA
October 4, 2014 1:47 pm
I cannot positively identify this bug. I have found things similar to it online, but nothing quite like this…
I have an aquaponics system and the are thriving in my duckweed grow bed. When I drained the bed today these things came out like spiders from the rocks at the bottom of the growbed. When I put in the duckweed there were small things swimming in the water, I actually assumed they were frershwater shrimp, but now I m guessing they have grown and this is what I have. What is this? should I get rid of it? Should I keep it? Can I eat it?
Signature: Nick

Dragonfly Naiad

Dragonfly Naiad

Dear Nick,
This is the naiad or aquatic nymph of a Dragonfly, and it is considered a beneficial insect that will eat mosquitoes and other small creatures in your aquaponics system.  We imagine you can eat it if you wanted to try, though we don’t believe we have seen any references regarding Dragonfly naiads being relished by entomophages.

Aquaponics System

Aquaponics System


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Location: Patterson, California

2 Responses to Dragonfly Naiads found in Aquaponics system

  1. Dave Gracer says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Dragonfly naiads are fairly popular food in some parts of Thailand; I ate some there, in Chiang Mai. They were fried.

    Though I couldn’t necessarily vouch for every species, I would not hesitate to cook and eat some naiaids.


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