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Subject: Bees or Wasps?
Location: Miami, FL 33165
September 28, 2014 12:03 pm
I live in Miami, FL 33165 and on 09/25/2014, a swarm of bees (or wasps) appeared in my backyard in the trunk of a dead hollow palm tree which has been used by birds for nesting (4 nesting holes). Our present temperature is high 80’s F during the day and mid-70’s F at night. This has been a very wet summer, including September.
Attached you will find copies of photos I have taken to determine what type of insect it is. If they are bees, how can I find beekeepers in this area that might be interested in picking them up.
Signature: Carmen L. León

Honey Bee Swarm

Honey Bee Swarm

Dear Carmen,
These are Honey Bees, and hollow trees are favored, natural sites for hives.  Periodically, an established hive will produce new queens that swarm with workers in an attempt to relocate and produce a new hive.  This can become a problem for homeowners if the new colony attempts to locate the hive in a chimney or attic of a home, but if this hive is high enough in the tree, we don’t imagine they will cause you any problems.  The Honey Bees will help to pollinate your fruit trees and flowers, and they will be a benefit to your garden.  If you decide that relocation is required, there are probably local beekeepers that will attempt to remove the hive.  Try the yellow pages.  It seems this particular colony is finding your hollow tree quite habitable, so removal of the hive may be difficult without cutting the tree.

Honey Bee Swarm

Honey Bee Swarm

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for your prompt reply.  I’m going to contact local beekeepers who might be interested in removing the hive.  The bees are about 8 feet up but next to the house and I’m afraid of possible stings to my dog, visiting children and myself.
Thank you for your help again,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Miami, Florida

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