Subject: Bitten by a cicada
Location: Chicago IL, cir 1980
September 16, 2014 10:05 am
Hi! I’ve noticed in a few of your ID’s os of cicadas you mention the report of someone being bitten (or rather stabbed) by one. I was bitten by one when I was a boy! I always loved them and was super excited when I found one. I let this male that I found under a maple tree in Chicago climb my left index finger. About half way up it stopped and suddenly stabbed into my finger with its proboscis! It hurt like hell, much like being stabbed with a 20g needle. I don’t think it had any venom; the pain was purely from mechanical trauma. Anyway, I yanked it off my finger and tossed it into the air after which it buzzed off happily.
Random butterfly photo from the Bosque Del Apache reserve.
Signature: Mike

Western Painted Lady

Western Painted Lady

Dear Mike,
Thank you for substantiating the possibility that a person might be bitten by a Cicada if it is carelessly handled.  Your image of a Western Painted Lady,
Vanessa annabella, is beautiful.


Location: Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico

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