Subject: Need Beetle ID
Location: Olympia, WA, USA
September 13, 2014 9:51 pm
I found this beetle on May 12th of this year near Olympia, Washington, USA. It was in a weedy patch in a garden. Surrounding the garden was a deciduous forest of bigleaf maple and red alder and a douglas-fir forest, on separate sides of the open area. The bug was about 30 meters from any set of woods. Never seen a beetle like it. Any ideas?
Signature: JD

Unknown Beetle

Click Beetle

Hi JD,
Upon opening your digital file, our first impression was that you submitted an image of an Ironclad Beetle, but upon browsing through the images on BugGuide, we don’t believe that is correct.  We will try to get some assistance from Eric Eaton, though we don’t believe we will hear back from him until later in the week.  Meanwhile, we are open to suggestions and assistance from our readership.

Update:  Click Beetle,
Thanks to Bugophile who identified this Click Beetle as being in the genus
Danosoma, and for providing a link to BugGuide.

Location: Olympia, Washington

2 Responses to Click Beetle, NOT Ironclad Beetle

  1. bugophile says:

    I think this is likely a click beetle, my first impression from the shape. Perhaps Danosoma obtectum.

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