Subject: Invading ground spiders
Location: texas
September 7, 2014 8:15 pm
I live down in the Texas costal area. I keep finding these spiders everywhere when I go to take my dogs out at night. Ive seen them range from as little as a dime to about 4 inches big. I always see them on the ground hiding in little wholes kinda like sand crabs and never see any webbing. They are quick and so far haven’t been a issue but I would like to find out what they are and make sure they are not poisonous towards me or the dogs
Signature: Concerned dog owner

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Dear Concerned dog owner,
We can’t help but to be amused that you have referred to this Wolf Spider and its kin as “Invading ground spiders” when they have in fact been present in that area far longer than you, your dog, your ancestors or your dog’s ancestors.  Wolf Spiders are native predators that help to control populations of insects and small arthropods.  Like most spiders they have venom, but that venom is not considered especially toxic to humans, nor do we believe it to be toxic to canines.  Wolf Spiders rarely bite people, and in the event a bite occurs, the effects are generally mild and include local swelling and redness as well as tenderness.  The effects are also short-lived.  Since you indicate these Wolf Spiders are found in holes, we suspect they are Burrowing Wolf Spiders in the genus
Geolycosa, and more information on the genus is available on BugGuide.

Location: Texas

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