Subject: Poisonous spider in Greece?
Location: Kos Island, Greece
August 30, 2014 4:50 pm
during my visit in Asklepion on Greek island Kos, we found on the stairs this big black spider, about 7 cm long. It was quite aggressive, when I took it away from the visitors, on a long stick to the nearest forrest, it was biting the stick!
Could you please help me identify what kind of spider it was?
Signature: Olaf

Female Ladybird Spider

Female Ladybird Spider

Dear Olaf,
In our opinion, this looks like a female Ladybird Spider in the family Erisidae, a family with many endangered and rare species.  Ladybird Spiders get their common name because of the coloration and markings of many male spiders in the family, which are red with black spots.  Ladybird Spiders exhibit pronounced sexual dimorphism, and the larger, often black females appear to be distinctly different species from the male Ladybird Spiders.  See FlickR for a similar looking image  and SpiderzRule for additional information on Ladybird Spiders.

Location: Kos Island, Greece

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  1. Killa says:

    Is this spider poisonous?

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