Subject: scorpion spider
Location: brenthurst brakpan 1451
August 18, 2014 10:59 am
Have you perhaps managed to distinguish whether this spider is poisonous? (Platyoides)
Signature: kind regards binx

Scorpion Spider

Scorpion Spider

Dear binx,
We have located numerous online images of Scorpion Spiders, genus
Platyoides, and most sites repeat the same information.  TrekNature has one of the best images, and the standard information regarding Scorpion Spiders is:  “‘Platyoides‘ scorpion spiders is a genus of spiders belonging to the family Trochanteriidae and found in sub-Saharan Africa and its islands, Madagascar, Réunion, Aldabra and the Canary Islands.   The genus is nocturnal in habit and has developed extreme flattening of the body adapted to living in narrow cracks.”  We believe if they were truly dangerous, that would be stated somewhere.  With that said, nearly all spiders have venom which is used to subdue prey, however very few spiders are dangerous to humans.  Spiders that are not dangerous might still bite if carelessly handled or threatened, but the bites generally produce nothing more than local swelling and tenderness that lasts a short time.

Location: brenthurst brakpan, South Africa

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