Subject: Bug to be identified ASAP
Location: pathanamthitta, kerala, india
August 15, 2014 4:43 am
I’m from Kerala, India. What insect is this? Please find it out. It is some sort of grass hopper or cricket?
Signature: daniel

Grasshopper Nymph

Grasshopper Nymph

Dear Daniel,
This is an immature Grasshopper in the suborder Caelifera, and we will attempt to provide you with a species identification, however, often nymphs look very different from adults, and often it is the adults that are documented in images.  We found a very similar looking pair of Grasshoppers identified as Painted Grasshoppers, but with no scientific name, on the Samyak Photography Macro page.
  Another similar looking individual is posted to TrekNature, and again, it is identified as a Painted Grasshopper with no scientific name indicating the genus or species.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck with an identity than we have had.

Location: Kerala, India

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