Subject: golden eggs
Location: barnwell, sc, usa
August 10, 2014 2:43 pm
Was curious as to what these might grow up to be? The seem to be iridescent. Found them on a clothes pin.
Signature: heather

Probably Coreid Bug Eggs

Probably Coreid Bug Eggs

Dear Heather,
We found a matching image on BugGuide to your golden eggs, and they are only identified to the family level of Coreidae, the Leaf Footed Bug family.

Location: Barnwell, South Carolina

One Response to Golden Eggs probably Coreid Bug Eggs

  1. Ginene Gugel says:

    I too found golden eggs like those in the post. As they became closer to hatching they turned red and the nymphs that hatched look like leaf footed bugs that were red with black hairy spines on their bodies and long antennae, and now a week later they have turned completely black.

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