Subject: Giant Agave Bug
Location: Tucker GA
August 9, 2014 1:36 pm
Found this guy hanging out on my screen. He’s a long way from home! I’ve never seen one here in Georgia before!
Signature: Misangela

Big Legged Bug:  Acanthocephala declivis

Pumpkin Bug: Acanthocephala declivis

Dear Misangela,
You have the correct genus but the wrong species.  The Giant Agave Bug is a Southwestern species,
Acanthocephala thomasi.  Your individual is a Big Legged Bug in the same genus that does not have a common name, Acanthocephala declivisIt can be identified, according to BugGuide, by the:  “Humeral angles of pronotum broadly expanded, extending laterally well beyond maximum lateral abdominal margin. Metatibial flange broad until apex, then curving in at right angles to tibial shaft. Anterior pronotal lobe with 2 small shining blunt tubercles along midline.”  Back in 2010, we received a submission of this species and we proposed the common name of Pumpkin Bug in honor of a grandmother who prescribed a shot of whiskey for whatever ails you, much like our own Slavik grandmother.

Location: Misangela

2 Responses to Big Legged Bug is Acanthocephala declivis: Pumpkin Bug

  1. random gal says:

    These have a habit of landing on my window in the summer! I called them window beetles. I finally know what they are now!

    • bugman says:

      Because of the Golden Buprestid submission, we know that you are from the Pacific Northwest, so you most like encounter the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, a species native to the Pacific Northwest that has greatly expanded its range, likely because of human travel, since the 1960s.

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