Subject: Big wasp like bug visits picnic
Location: Powell river, bc
August 8, 2014 5:21 pm
We were having a picnic at the Saltery Bay picnic/beach and this rather large bug decided to join us
August 6, around 5:30 pm
Powell river regional district, bc not far from the Saltery bay ferry terminal
Signature: Noni

Wood Wasp:  Urocerus albicornis

Wood Wasp: Urocerus albicornis

Hi Noni,
This is
Urocerus albicornis, a species of Horntail or Wood Wasp without a common name.  According to BugGuide, it is found in  “forested regions from southern boreal Canada south to NC-MP-NM-CA” and “hosts include fir, larch, spruce, pine, Douglas-fir, hemlock, and western red cedar.”  According to all the information we have read, they are harmless and do not sting humans, including this family information on BugGuide:  “Horntails do not sting: what looks like a sting is the ovipositor the female uses to lay eggs in wood.”  With that stated, we need to divulge that we just posted this very credible report that a man in England was “stung” by a European relative of your Wood Wasp.  That unverified report seems to be an anomaly.

Thank you for your reply.. She visited a bit and then with gentle nudge flew off on her way, much to the happiness of the other occupant of the picnic blanket.. Such a beautiful big bug!!!
😉 noni StReMmInG

Location: Powell River, British Columbia

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  1. david melito says:

    was not stung but did also saw one of these in west hartford, CT

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