Subject: found at a Mass Audubon Sanctuary
Location: Natick, MA
August 8, 2014 9:19 am
Wondering what this is. My son sent me the photo, so I don’t know if those are mandibles or legs or something else. And I don’t know how many pairs of wings it had.
Looks like a mantis or mantid fly or something like that.
Signature: glen

Thread-Legged Assassin Bug

Thread-Legged Assassin Bug

Dear Glen,
This appears to be a Thread-Legged Assassin Bug in the subfamily Emesinae, and the species it most closely resembles on BugGuide is
Stenolemoides arizonensis, a species reported from Arizona and Utah.  We suspect your individual is a different species that is perhaps closely related.  Those raptorial front legs are found in numerous species of unrelated insects that capture prey, including Mantids, Mantispids and Water Scorpions as well as the Thread-Legged Bugs.

Location: Natick, Massachusetts

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