Subject: Beetle Costa Rica
Location: costa rica Manuel Antonio
August 7, 2014 2:49 pm
we found it in Manuel Antonio N.P. on march 19, 2014.
Family Coreidae? Miridae?
thanks for your help
Signature: fred from belgium

Leaf Footed Bug:  Paraphes flavocolis

Leaf Footed Bug: Paraphes flavocinctus

Dear Fred from Belgium,
In your subject line you imply that this is a Beetle, but in the body of your request you mention the Leaf Footed Bug family Coreidae.  The latter is correct.  We identified this Leaf Footed Bug as
Paraphes flavocinctus on the Quaoar Power Zoo website.  We have a previous submission of Paraphes flavocinctus in our archives as well.  It is identified as Paryphes flavocinctus on Bio-Nica.

thanks again!!
Please Daniel, what’s the correct namen Paraphes  or  Paryphes?
both are used in literature…
thank you

Hi Fred,
We are not certain which name is more correct and that would probably take input from a Heteropterist or checking older reference books rather than online sources.

oké, thank you!

Location: Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio

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