Subject: yellow worm/ larvae/ milkweed plants
Location: traprockridge Plainville CT
August 7, 2014 12:54 am
Here is an aadditional photo to add to my original question of what are the yellow larvae worm ? things eating the milkweed pods. You can also see the red beetle to the left.
Signature: hopefish

Aphid Infestation and Lady Beetle on Milkweed

Aphid Infestation and Lady Beetle on Milkweed

Dear hopefish,
We did not see any additional submission from you.  You have a major infestation of Milkweed Aphids or Oleander Aphids, Aphis nerii, and since Aphids release honeydew, it also appears you are getting a black buildup on the plant.  None of this is healthy since Aphids suck juices from plants.  The beetle is a predatory Lady Beetle, but that single Lady Beetle will not put a dent in this Aphid infestation.  We would recommend attempting to control the Aphid population, but without pesticides as those will have an injurious effect on other creatures that feed on milkweed, including Monarch butterfly caterpillars.  See BugGuide for additional information on the Oleander Aphid.

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Location: Traprockridge, Plainville, Connecticut

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