Subject: What’s this bug
Location: North America , Georgia
August 6, 2014 9:18 am
I live in middle Georgia (United States) , it’s Summer here I found this strange flying bug last night flying at me but it disappeared. This morning it was in my room. What is it , where did it come from and more important who sent it
Signature: Yes



Dear Yes,
You write as though you suspect this is a conspiracy.  This is an adult male Glowworm Beetle, and the luminescent larvae are sometimes called Railroad Worms.  It is a harmless and beneficial insect.  Since the concept of Spontaneous Generation has been scientifically dispelled, we postulate that it is descended from other Glowworms, and we can’t imagine who sent it, but since “males come to lights” according to BugGuide, we imagine it was attracted to your illuminated interior.

Location: Georgia

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