Subject: a hidden curiosity
Location: Playa del Rey, California
August 1, 2014 2:17 pm
Dear BugMan:
thank you for your wonderful site! I often refer to it for bug ID. I live in Southern California, very close to the beach, so the bugs I get are few and far between but when I do see bugs, they are often unusual (to me). I found this strange-looking bug hiding among the tall, tall stalks of my Egyptian Papyrus plants. It was just relaxing there, which startled me because the papyrus plant rarely ever has bugs on it.
As I searched your site, I wondered if it was another species of Western Conifer Seed bug, but it looks slightly thinner with longer, wispy antennae. When you get the opportunity, I’d appreciate a positive ID on this character so that I can decide whether to shoo it away, or welcome it as a beneficial insect. Thank you in advance!
Signature: befuddled by the beach

Assassin Bug:  Zelus tetracanthus

Assassin Bug: Zelus tetracanthus

Dear befuddled by the beach,
In our opinion, this looks more like a predatory Assassin Bug than a Leaf Footed Bug.  Additionally, the front legs look especially developed and raptorial.  It really resembles this image of
Zelus tetracanthus that is pictured on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, it is known as the Four Spurred Assassin Bug.

it looks exactly like the one on your site!  thanks BugMan!!

Location: Playa del Rey, California

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