Subject: Unidentified Green Winged Bug
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
July 30, 2014 5:34 pm
My sons and I found this bug on the edge of the treadmill. He had just grown out of it’s previous skin and it was still attached to the string below. It sat around for a while even while they were jumping. They both started getting a little too interested and frankly I was worried that the bug would jump on them and spook them so I got it to go away with a leaf. I didn’t see it leave so I don’t know if it jumped or flew away. We have the National Geographic Bugopedia and looked around for a match but couldn’t find one. It almost looked like a grasshopper with wings but the only one in the book had blue wings and was from Europe and this one we saw had clear wings and we are in the U.S. Please let us know if you can. My enthusiastic 3 and 6 year old boys are budding entomologists and would love to know what they saw. We saw this bug in a north hills suburb of Pittsburgh in July after a rainstorm.
Signature: Gretchen Cetti

Annual Cicada

Annual Cicada

Hi Gretchen,
This is an Annual Cicada in the genus
Tibicen, and they are active in the latter half of summer.  Though many people are not familiar with the physical appearance of Cicadas, most all residents of the eastern portion of North America are familiar with the loud buzzing sound they produce, often from the tops of trees.  This sound is quite loud, and resembles the sound of a buzz saw.  Cicada nymphs live underground, often for several years, and when they emerge, they shed their exoskeleton for the last time, emerging as winged adults and leaving behind the exuvia.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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