Subject: Large beetle with serious pinchers
Location: Rhode Island
July 29, 2014 6:09 pm
Hello, I live in Rhode Island and found this beetle floating in my pool. Unfortunately, it could not be saved. I’m just wondering what type of bug this is and if I should be concerned that there may be more and if they are destructive.
Thank you in advance!
Signature: Lisa

Drowned Reddish Brown Stag Beetle

Drowned Reddish Brown Stag Beetle

Hi Lisa,
Did you attempt mouth to mouth resuscitation?  This is a male Reddish Brown Stag Beetle.  Males have the more developed mandibles.  This and other Stag Beetles are not destructive, nor are they in any way detrimental to humans, their homes or their belongings.

Location: Rhode Island

5 Responses to Male Reddish Brown Stag Beetle drowns in pool

  1. Lhyzz says:

    Just a quick note to tell you your new posts have not been showing up on the front page of the blog since July 11th! That’s 25 1/2 pages of of blog going unread!

    • bugman says:

      Very curious. It seems fine on our end, so we are copying our webmaster to get his opinion. This is our most recent posting. If they are not showing, how were you able to comment?

  2. JIm Harrison says:

    I enjoyed your response, but the pedant in me objected to the line “Did you attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?” After all, insects don’t breath through their mouths. I understand that mouth-to-thorax resuscitation might seem a tad creepy, but for bugs the breath of life is sustained by the miracle of spiracle.

    • bugman says:

      You are absolutely correct, but our response was prompted by the querent’s subject line. Thanks for pointing out the scientific absurdity in our joke.

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