Subject: Just bit me!!
Location: Medford, NJ
July 28, 2014 10:33 am
This bug bit me get I see no pincers or stingers. It has long antenna, long skinny wings, a short body and is greyish in color.
Signature: Anne Marie



Dear Anne Marie,
This looks to us like a Caddisfly in the order Trichoptera, and we would challenge your belief that it stung or bit you.  Most Caddisflies do not have functional mouthparts, and they do not feed as adults.  According to BugGuide:  “Some adults take liquid food, such as nectar, others do not feed.”  They do not possess stingers either.  Is it possible that you have mistaken this Caddisfly for the creature that bit you?

Location: Medford, New Jersey

One Response to Caddisfly accused of biting woman

  1. Jamie Brown says:

    I have to add my comments as I have found these same bugs in my home and they have bitten me that’s the only way I found them to begin with. And it stings/burns.

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