Subject: Bug in becket ma
Location: Becket Ma
July 22, 2014 8:54 pm
This bug landed on my door screen in late June . It stayed for two days. It was about four inches tall. I have summered in the Berkshires for thirty years and never seen a bug so big. I did not kill it . I must have flown off on the second night.
Signature: Barbara French

Male Dobsonfly

Male Dobsonfly

Dear Barbara,
The mandibles and large size of a male Dobsonfly are the stuff of nightmares for folks who are afraid of bugs, but despite the fierce appearance, male Dobsonflies are perfectly harmless.  Female Dobsonflies, though their mandibles are considerably smaller, pose a greater threat of biting, and though the bite might be painful and possibly even draw blood, they are not venomous.

Location: Becket, Massachusetts

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