Subject: are these cicadas nymphs?
Location: United States, Missouri
July 17, 2014 3:01 pm
so I was digging at the site of a rotten, dead tree that fell down and discovered these lil things! I thought they might be cicadas, but after looking at pictures I’m really not sure.
Signature: Stolz

Scarab Beetle Pupae

Scarab Beetle Pupae

Dear Stolz,
These are not Cicada Nymphs, but rather beetle pupae.  They are most likely Scarab Beetle Pupae.  The larvae of some Scarab Beetles feed on rotting wood, and they will pupate in the immediate vicinity.  You can compare your images to this image from Insect Images.

Scarab Pupa

Scarab Pupa

Location: Missouri

4 Responses to Probably Scarab Beetle Pupae

  1. Stolz says:

    thanks! after going back to the site and seeing numerous grapevine beetles about I think it’s probably safe to say it was one of those?

    • bugman says:

      That is a good possibility. Our identification skills are a bit lacking when it comes to identifying pupae to the species level.

  2. Phylis says:

    We Have Scarab Larva In a Dieing Ash tree in Ohio can the beetle or larva affect Other Trees.?

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