Subject: Bee
Location: Long Beach, CA
July 14, 2014 10:47 pm
Ok, so this is a bee (in Long Beach, CA). But what’s that orangey thing on the back of the bee that looks kind of like roe (if this were a fish rather than a worker bee)?
Signature: InfiniteMonkey

Honey Bee with Pollen Sac

Honey Bee with Pollen Sac

Dear InfiniteMonkey,
It appears you already know the answer since your digital file is named “beepollen”
and the location is typical of the pollen sac of a Honey Bee.  Though the pollen collected by your individual Honey Bee appears different, it is not to dissimilar than this image of a Honey Bee from Forestry Images.

Thanks! I was guessing that’s what it was, but I couldn’t find a similar image. (And actually I was thinking more of the pollen collecting when I named the image).
Love your site!

Location: Long Beach, California

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