Subject: Creepy scorpiony looking insect
Location: London, England
July 12, 2014 6:21 pm
Hey! I found this weird insect in my bathtub this evening . It’s dead but I got a picture of it because I’ve never ever seen anything like it before ! It looks like a scorpion from one end but a different insect from the other end! It is summer here in England now. Could you please help me identify this bug as i am really curious as to what it is! Thank you very much!
Signature: Ramandeep


Male European Earwig

Dear Ramandeep,
This is an Earwig, commonly called a Pincher Bug.  Despite the ominous appearance, Earwigs lack venom and they are perfectly harmless.  In our opinion, this looks like a male European Earwig,
Forficula auriculari, and you may read more about the European Earwig on BugGuide.

Location: London, England

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