Subject: Large black bug in Mesa, AZ????
Location: Mesa, AZ
July 9, 2014 8:12 am
What a wonderful website!
I have been finding one of these bugs in my pool or in the grass almost every day. Last night one flew into my pool. I think they are around 3″ long. The underside has horizontal stripes and is brownish colored and fat. Is this a cockroach?
Signature: Jane K.

Probably Palo Verde Borer

Probably Palo Verde Borer

Dear Jane,
This is a Longicorn in the subfamily Prioninae, and even though your image lacks the kind of clarity we prefer for a species identification, based on your location and the time of year, we would bet that this is a Palo Verde Borer,
Derobrachus hovorei.  More information on the Palo Verde Borer can be found on BugGuide.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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