Subject: everywhere
Location: Lewiston Idaho hot dry low elevation pacific northwest
July 8, 2014 6:37 pm
These little tiny beetle shaped insects fly all over they just came out of every crevasse of the house they are dark brown and there are tons they are like termites in basically but I’m not sure I don’t think it is a type of termite please help
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Elm Seed Bug

Elm Seed Bug

Dear t.e.,
Last year we posted a letter, also from Idaho, regarding an infestation of Elm Seed Bugs,
Arocatus melanocephalus, and since that time, we have received many comments.  ABC News reported on this dilemma a year earlier in July 2012.  Boise local KTVB News also reported on this infestation last July.  This is an invasive species introduced from Europe, and until a natural predator is discovered, we suspect they will continue to spread in North America.

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Location: Lewiston, Idaho

3 Responses to Elm Seed Bug Infestation in Idaho

  1. Dorothy says:

    I have caught eight or ten of the insects (elm seed bug) in my house over the last month. How do I get rid of them?
    Boise, Idaho , October, 2014

  2. Ken S. says:

    These are now showing up in Ephrata Wa also. While they aren’t a horde they seem to be here in fairly high numbers. I’ve lived here for 14 years and had never seen these before this year. There are lots of Elm trees here and as anyone that lives near a large elm tree they are quite prodigious with their seed production. At time in late May into mid June the elms shedding their seeds appears almost like snow fall. Heavy snow fall.

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