Can I get an ID bug man!
Sharon Hendricks
AFT 1521 Chapter President – Los Angeles City College
Trustee – CalSTRS



Dear Sharon,
Please use our standard form which can be accessed using the Ask What’s That Bug? link on the website.  The standard form requires certain information including the location of the sighting.  Cronyism being what it is, we are happy we are able to assist in your identification, but future submissions to our personal email account should provide any details of the sighting that may help in the identification.  If this sighting had occurred in Eagle Rock, it would have been noteworthy as this is some species of Prionid, a member of the Longicorn Borer Beetle subfamily Prioninae which is well represented on BugGuide.  The poor quality of your image will not allow us to identify this Prionid to the species level, and if you would like that level of identification, we would strongly urge you to acquire a real camera and take a beginning digital photography class.  While cellular telephones are wonderful in that they put image making capabilities in the hands of the masses, they are also contributing to the proliferation of bad imagery on the internet and to the general drop in quality of digital images.  One should handle Prionids with caution, because though they are not poisonous, they do have strong mandibles that enable the adult beetle to chew its way through wood at the end of the pupation period when the adults emerge.  A bite could remove a chunk of skin and could easily result in a bleeding and painful wound.

Ed Note:  July 8, 2014
We just learned this sighting was in Arizona, and we suspect this might be a Palo Verde Borer

Location: Arizona

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