Subject: Preying Mantis
July 6, 2014 4:17 pm
A friend opened a pool side umbrella and says many, many tiny preying mantis scurried out from inside the umbrella.  Could this be possible?  Where are the eggs typically laid?  I have seen adult preying mantis in my holly bush but it is a distance from the swimming pool umbrella.  I searched “The Curious World of Bugs” but could not find any information.
Signature: Kris Dorka

Mantis Ootheca Hatching

Mantis Ootheca Hatching (from our archive)

Dear Kris Dorka,
Are you my Aunt?  You did not provide a location for the sighting.  Preying Mantids lay eggs in a frothy mass known as an Ootheca, and once the mass hardens, it provides insulation and other protection for the eggs it contains.  Each Ootheca can have several hundred eggs, and when it is time for the hatchlings to emerge, they erupt from the ootheca.  Mom is coming to visit in August, but we haven’t determined a date yet.  I’m looking forward to the Hungarian Wax Peppers she usually brings me.  She often sends a box or two when they are in season as well.  I’ve occasionally found them in Los Angeles, but they don’t taste the
P.S.  If we are related, I will send my personal email address which gets much less mail than What’s That Bug?

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