Subject: Need help identifying Bug
Location: Eastern Hanover Virginia, USA
July 4, 2014 9:23 am
Have a look at this prize. Awaiting at my back door facing to go in on a deck four feet off the ground. Location: Central Virginia, USA> Temp: 80 F. Humidity: 98%. Date: 7/3/2014. Time: 11:30 PM.
Photo taken with flash on. I live in a subdivision with large wooded acres. WE are on a ten acre lot – of mostly wooded acres. Hope you can help with identifying this baby.
Signature: AC in the woods

Giant Stag Beetle

Giant Stag Beetle

Hi AC in the woods,
Your sighting of a Giant Stag Beetle is enviable.  Rotting logs are needed to provide habitat for the grubs of Giant Stag Beetles, and habitat destruction and carefully manicured gardens are contributing to the decline in their numbers.

Location: Hanover, Virginia

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