Subject: White-Spotted Prominent
Location: Mancelona, MI
June 27, 2014 7:48 pm
This absurdly lovely moth is the Nadata gibbosa, or White-spotted prominent. (It’s not the Nadata oregonensis–Michigan is well out of the range of that look-alike.) This particular one was perched on a bracken fern in a deciduous forest. Yet another of our many recent visitors here just outside Mancelona, Michigan. It’s about 3.8-5.9 cm–thus says Bugguide.
Signature: Helen

White Spotted Prominent Moth

White Dotted Prominent Moth

Hi again Helen,
We fully appreciate the time investment that goes into identifying the incredibly diverse number of brown moths that can be found in North America, and we often never drill down to the species level when we write back to people, hence many moths on our site are identified only to the family level because that is all that time allows.  Thanks again for the research and the excellent image of
Nadata gibbosa, which according to BugGuide is commonly called the White Dotted Prominent Moth, not the White Spotted Prominent Moth as you have indicated.  BugGuide also states it is called the Green Oak Caterpillar Moth. 

Location: Mancelona, Michigan

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