Subject: What kind of dragonfly is this?
Location: Northern Illinois, USA, close to a river.
June 27, 2014 9:49 pm
I was down town for a flea market when I caught this interesting little dragonfly sitting on the side of a building, not moving very much at all. I got some good photographs of it, but I’m not sure what kind of dragonfly it is. Perhaps you know? 🙂
Signature: Amy


Damselfly is male Eastern Forktail

Hi Amy,
Though it is in the same order, Odonata, as the Dragonflies, this is actually a Damselfly in the suborder Zygoptera.  Damselflies feeble fliers, lacking the strength of Dragonflies, and Damselflies hold their wings folded above the body when at rest as opposed to the wings lying flat like Dragonflies.  We believe your Damselfly is a male Eastern Forktail which we initially located on the Flying Kiwi, and then checked its identity on BugGuide where we learned the scientific name is  
Ischnura verticalis.

Location: Illinois

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