Ed. Note:  June 25, 2014
This request arrived during our absence from the office, hence the delay in our response.  We are still feebly trying to catch up on our unanswered mail.

Subject: Hawk(moth)
Location: calonge,Girona,Spain
June 18, 2014 6:35 am
16-06-2014 I found this moth flying at daytime in our garden.It looks like a kind of hawk-moth,but I´ve never seen this species before.The wings are a bit worn off,but the hindwings are still very eyecatching with the bright orange color and black/white markings.Location:Calonge,Girona,Spain.
I hope somebody knows the scientific name.
Signature: Cheers,insectlover123

Butterfly Moth

Butterfly Moth

Subject: Moth
Location: calonge,girona,spain
June 22, 2014 2:04 am
A few days ago I´ve already sent two pictures of this moth.
I´m very curious what species it is.
Location: Calonge,Girona,Spain.In our garden
Date:16 june 2014 daytime
A few days later on 20 june 2014 I´ve found the same specimen in our kitchen against the window-pane.It was not very active and clearly dying.Indeed after an half an hour it died and I put in a box.
On the picture is the prepared species.
Hope you can help!
Signature: insectlover123

Butterfly Moth

Butterfly Moth

Dear insectlover123,
This stunning moth is a Butterfly Moth,
Paysandisia archon, and according to Karl who researched this for us several years ago:  “The species is Paysandisia archon and according to Wikipedia:  ‘It is native to Uruguay and central Argentina and has been accidentally introduced to Europe, where it is spreading rapidly. It is considered the only member of the genus Paysandisia.’  The larvae are palm borers and are considered a serious pest. The spread of this species is being closely tracked in France and several other Mediterranean countries and it is likely that someone may be interested in this sighting. “  According to Palms Journal:  ” [it] has been discovered recently on the French Riviera as a new pest and appears to be very noxious to palms. It is native to Argentina and Uruguay and was probably introduced into France through the importation of mature plants of Trithrinax campestris.”  You might want to consider reporting this to your local agricultural authorities.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for your message and information.
I´m very happy that I know which species it is now:)
Much appreciated!
I´ll consider to report this to my local agricultural authorities.
Kind regards,
Jimmy Hoffman

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Location: calonge,girona,spain

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  1. Had one of these in my garden on Sunday on the grass I pick it up and put on the wall

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