Subject: What is this?
Location: Venice, FL
June 24, 2014 7:46 am
Wondering if someone knows what this is. It’s about as long as your pinky finger
Signature: Thanks, Suzanne

Newly Eclosed Oakworm Moth

Newly Eclosed Oakworm Moth

Dear Suzanne,
We have just returned from the office after a ten day hiatus and we have hundreds of unanswered identification requests.  We think the only way to approach this tremendous backlog is to choose one letter per day from our absence and try to catch up to the best of our ability.  Your letter is the first we are responding to.  This is a freshly eclosed Oakworm Moth from the genus
Anisota, and its wings have not yet reached the fully functional size, which often takes several hours.  Before the wings expand, many moths resemble caterpillars.  Here is a photo from BugGuide for comparison.

Why —- THANKS!

Location: Venice, Florida

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