Subject: what type of chrysalis is this
Location: Wimberley, Texas
June 13, 2014 6:56 am
Found in Wimberley Texas
What is is
was hand clearing some leaves and organic debris.
It’s has movement so i know it’s alive.
would love to return it to a safe place to mature but don’t know if it was actually in the dirt or just under some leaves….
Maybe it would like a dry area of my compost area…
Signature: Emily

Pupa of a Tersa Sphinx

Pupa of a Tersa Sphinx

Hi Emily,
Chrysalis is a term that refers to the pupa of a butterfly, and this is a pupa of a moth, and to the best of our knowledge, there is not moth specific term for a pupa.  We believe this is the pupa of a Tersa Sphinx,
Xylophanes tersa, or a closely related species.  You might try keeping it is some moist, but not wet peat moss if you don’t want to try the compost pile.  You can get additional information on the Sphingidae of the Americas site.

I nested it in some leaves.. maybe I’ll put it so that it has earth contact with a blanket of leaves… where I water a plant once in a while..Thanks for the info.
Thank you so much for your service in keeping us connected with Nature

Location: Wimberley, Texas

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