Subject: bug identity
Location: Eastern Nebraska
June 10, 2014 1:33 pm
I found these beetles all over my flower garden. In all my years of gardening I have never seen them.
I live in Eastern Nebraska in a suburb next to many farms. Every year I see a new bug I’ve never seen before. He was especially interested in my milkweed which is just beginning to grow.
Signature: Gramma Sally

Milkweed Longhorn

Milkweed Longhorn

Dear Gramma Sally,
If milkweed is new in your garden, that would explain why this Milkweed Longhorn or Red Milkweed Beetle in the genus
Tetraopes is a new bug for you.  According to BugGuide:  “Adults feed on leaves of milkweed (Asclepias); larvae feed externally on roots of host (root feeding is unique among Lamiinae). Each species (or subspecies) is associated with one or a few species of Asclepias (an example of coevolution) (Farrell & Mitter 1998).”

Thank you for your information. I have had the milkweed for several years and have never encountered this bug. I found info on it and it indicated they were present in the eastern part of the US.
They obviously have moved a bit west!!! Sally

According to BugGuide Data, members of the genus are found from coast to coast.

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Location: Nebraska

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