Subject: Wasp dragonfly?
Location: Oxted, Surrey, UK
June 6, 2014 3:11 pm
I spotted this today and have never seen anything like this in the uk. Curious to know what it is. It is early summer in the uk and was spotted at Oxted railway station in Surrey.
Signature: Simon

Crane Fly: Female Tanyptera atrata

Female Crane Fly

Hi Simon,
This is a Crane Fly, and we quickly located a matching image on the Wild About Britain blog where it is identified as
Tanyptera atrata.  We also located a beautiful image of a female ovipositing on the Diptera Info forum.

Hi Daniel,
That’s very much for the identification.
Kind regards,

Update:  June 2, 2018
Based on this new submission, we now question our original species identification.  Based on images posted to Eakring Birds and on Diptera Info, we believe now believe this Crane Fly might be Ctenophora pectinicornis.

Location: Oxted, Surrey, UK

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