What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: What type of parasite?
Location: Intestines/ toilet
June 3, 2014 8:23 am
I have been in pain for 3 months with over 10 visits to doctors and still no awnsers. Could this be parasite? I appreciate your time.
Signature: Anonymous

Stool Sample

Stool Sample

Dear Anonymous,
Our editorial staff doesn’t even have the necessary qualifications to work in the field of entomology, much less in the health fields.  We cannot comment on the matter you have discovered in your stool sample, and we would urge you to take that sample to a medical professional.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Melody says:

    Seriously?! this is ridiculous. I can’t imagine the other horrors people must send you.

    • bugman says:

      We do get many very unusual requests, and we try to select submissions that our readers will find amusing.

      • Melody says:

        It was indeed amusing. Kept me laughing for some time.

        • bugman says:

          Here is a really old letter you might enjoy.

        • Smwt99 says:

          I really don’t understand what is so funny about this person’s post. That’s just the kind of dismissive attitude I’ve gotten over and over again as I’ve struggled desperately to find out what the worms in my skin and all over my body including my nose and mouth are, for the past 6 months, from both the medical community and my immediate family. In fact there’s absolutely nothing funny about it. It’ s a horrific disease that sadly, 99% of the medical community isn’t educated about and that has resulted in doctors deciding that my ridiculous tale of worms in my skin is nothing more than a “delusion” and that has caused these ignorant doctors to actually call the police on me twice in the last 6 months and that has forced me into a mental institution against my will where there were sad, screaming, mumbling, out of control really mentally ill people who scared me to death. I was held there against my will the first time on March 3rd, 2015 for 8 DAYS and the second time on June 15th, 2015 for another 5 days. Both times I had to pretend I’d “come to my senses” and now realized I had been crazy and delusional to think their were ever worms in my skin (there are literally hundreds of them) in order to get out of the nut house before I lost my job. These incidents only served to make me forever distrustful of any doctor and feel helpless and hopeless that I would ever be cured of this horrific disease. My family also thinks I’m “delusional based on the fact that I’ve” been to all these great doctors who say there’s nothing wrong with me and that I’m just imagining the parasitic worms that I pull out of my skin, including the skin on my face, my forearms, wrists, hands, from inside my nose and even out of my mouth and from between my teeth more than once. I’ve never screamed so much in my life as I have these last 6 months. The first time I pulled a worm out of my mouth, I screamed so loud I can’t believe the neighbors didn’t call the police.
          So please remember that most of the people on this sight come here in desperation – for the help they can’t find in the medical community.

          To Anonymous: these look very similar to many of the thing I pull out of my skin and body and I think they may be either flukes or black fly or gnat larva. That’s what my thousands of hours researching on the internet have led me, without medical help, to conclude. For the flukes, I have ordered and am taking a regimen of albendazole and Ivermectin, from India since I can’t get a doctor to even believe I have a parasite infection, much less treat me for it.

          • bugman says:

            The Editorial staff of What’s That Bug? made it quite clear in our response that we do not have the necessary entomological nor medical background to respond to the request and we did not joke with “Anonymous”. We have treated Jan’s Unknown Parasite posting similarly. That particular posting currently has 125 comments and it is serving as an online forum connecting people with similar problems who are sharing experiences and advice. Please do not confuse the “official” What’s That Bug? responses with the comments posted by our readership.

          • Lee says:

            Maybe you should rip your page down, because if you can’t tell what that is and I can, you don’t deserve to have one? Professional what? Laugh at people and then post their names? Ya, I hope you enjoy lawsuits cuz your about to have one. If someone needs help and is going through hell, please hit me up. Chances are, I know more than these morons.

          • Mr. Ed says:

            You can whine all you want or you can do something about and get some horse paste like the rest of us ‘delusional’ people do.

          • Christy says:

            Lyou are telling my exact story. Right down to o th now and between my teeth tapeworm and possibly hookworm and or roundwdont give up I go in to get more results today I’ll keep you posted eat cloves of garlic lots of water spring clean ever single day you have to stay 10 up on these

          • Cryingout says:

            This hit so close to home! It’s horrible and so scary . Can I talk with you

      • Kuhnt says:

        both the commentator and the website host are intolerant central. People are suffering and you think it’s funny? Why doyou read this website then? And why do you bother hosting a website if you’re going to allow ridicule and scorn? Hopefully karma will get you both.

        • bugman says:

          Wishing bad karma on others seems contradictory to having an enlightened philosophy. There was nothing funny about our original response and we do allow a network of “sufferers,” including you, to communicate freely on the bandwidth we pay to use. What is intolerant about that?

          • Lee says:

            People like you, shouldn’t use the word enlightenment. People like you, shouldn’t have nasty opinions to share. Get off this sight and Google until you are enlightened enough to offer good advice. People like you should be the ones reaching out.

          • Jess says:

            I agree with Bugman and also believe no one would be saying these things to his face. Harse judgements only come out when inadequate people hide behind that screen so no one really knows who you are and say hateful things that will only lead to more negatives in your own lives. I found my inner peace, and uphold strong standards for myself. Geez people. Is this how you want to look back on your life, remembering cyberbullying strangers just because you can? WOW!!! I am finding the content on this page to be very helpful, as I am having an unidentified problem right now. IDK if it’s bed bugs, louse, or something else. Thanks for monitoring the page, it is really great to have a resource like this. P.S. most people are NOT ENLIGHTENED, you are right!

      • Kacey says:

        Well I have found a minute leafy flake in our home it keeps showing up everyday I find minute stick slivers daily ,I also have seen them on the floors oc my dr office and A LOCAL GROCERIE STORE !!! I have many picturez ,how can I send them to your site ?Tiday even my pharmacist ssid he didnt how or what the hell was in his carpet DAILY

      • Liz R says:

        You try to select submissions that your readers would find amusing?

        There is nothing AMUSING about your uneducated response which shines a blinding light on your complete ignorance and utter lack of any concern for the OPs own personal concern for their health.

        This website is TITLED WHATS THIS BUG? As such, you will find that the word Bug means different things to different people and that it can also serve as a catch-all four species which coasters are not familiar with and that’s why they come here. It’s not always 4 amusement.

        I and not a parasitologist nor an entomologist but it is my experience that the creatures in question are indeed parasites possibly schistosomes.

        To the o p unfortunately I2 and familiar with the medical community’s disregard for this aspect of Medicine often turning patients away because they are not trained in medical school about these things. You need to continue pursuing an answer you will be met with any number of responses because other than the occasional tapeworm in no way is this as common as it is in third world countries but it is becoming more prevalent do two things like the ease of international travel. If not diagnosed and treated schistosomiasis which is the disease caused by schistosomes can have a deadly effect I don’t know how long ago you wrote your letter but hopefully you have found treatment and on the mend. You will feel unparalleled frustration you need to keep your calm try not to get emotional when they’re refusing to test you you simply need to move on until you find the facility that will both tests diagnose and treat the infection. I wish you the very best and hope you get the care that you need if this is indeed schistosomiasis of which there are several strains. This disease kills hundreds of thousands of human beings in third world countries every year. Next to malaria it is the most devastating of this type of disease on the planet. Depending on the specific species of schistosomes will determine how the disease manifest.

        I don’t know where you live but one possible source for inquiries perhaps to find out the most important question which is whether or not you’re dealing with schistosomes and it’s disease schistosomiasis a university in Southern California specifically in Riverside UCR has parasitology as of course offering and the classes are taught by parasitologists they also are known around the world for their entomology Department and are consulted by medical journals newspapers magazines and recognized as a top source in this area. Another source he might look into is a website called CureZone con , curezone is a very informative website and not only deals largely and parasites but in many other aspects of human health especially those that are not necessarily in the Limelight you will find people that I’ve been where you are a lot of photographs of people’s own experiences and the treatments they have used which are often natural treatments as opposed to Medicinal as well as updates on their progress and much much more I would definitely check that out if I were you. I don’t know how long ago you posted this or whether you will even see this or whether it’ll even be allowed to stay posted but I assumed I would get an email if there was a reply and then I will come back and respond always to the best of my knowledge. I wish you the best don’t take this lightly continue on your quest until somebody will test you in the meantime you can Google natural methods for controlling the burden of the possible schistosome worms and other parasites

    • Kuhnt says:

      To Anonymous:

      I have EXACTLY the same things coming out of me. I’m horrified. I haven’t been able to find any answers. The closest I’ve been able to find on the internet are called Ropeworms. I can’t tell you what they’ve done to my body in my mind. I believe repaired litterly affecting my brain and therefore my mental state. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. If you have any information or just want to talk to me contact me through this website.

      Both the commentator and the website host are intolerant central. People are suffering and you think it’s funny? Why doyou read this website then? And why do you bother hosting a website if you’re going to allow ridicule and scorn? Hopefully karma will get you both.

    • Terri says:

      People and doctors are so ignorant to the very real
      Problem with parasites. If more were educated on this there Wouldn’t be so many “mystery”
      Ilnesses. Shame on anyone for being dismissive and or judgemental!

  2. Curious Girl says:

    Oh wow.
    Um… tell him or her to google intestinal parasites for more info but to also try a naturopathic or “alternative’ practitioner to help as most so-called Medical Doctors are basically just prescribers of pharmaceuticals/writers of prescriptions not healers. The pain issues (not described) could be parasites, gluten-intolerance (or other allergies), thyroid issues, candida, or any number of other things often dismissed by allopathic providers.

    • Curious Girl says:

      I am still suggesting Functional medicine as they look to the cause rather than just treat the symptoms that will never go away until the reason for them is eliminated.

      But here is a resource from Paul Chek who seems to be an expert on parasite infections. I fortunately do not have to deal with it, so I don’t know how effective he is but allopathic docs are as dismissive and only as good as the pharma-funded medical schools..


  3. TC says:

    If the stool sample submission is not a joke, I feel kind of bad for the submitter. However…well, I don’t know what to say. This is definitely the wrong platform for diagnosis, so it is making me laugh 😀

  4. TC says:

    Also, I hope the “sample submitter” has no further plans for that white dish! hahahah!

  5. kay says:

    Have you been on antibiotics latley like past few months? or any hospital stays ?does your stool have a unusual order?if yes to any of my questions then ask your primary care to run a culture to check for c-diff

  6. smwt99 says:

    Well, the inevitable has happened. I was fired today from my $90k a year job for “missing too much time from work”. The time missed was 99% due to me being locked up in a mental hospital for “delusional parasitosis”, i.e., for “imagining” that I have worms in my skin. The first time, in March of this year, they held me for 8 days against my will – until I stopped trying to show the staff that I indeed had worms in my skin. The second time I was held for 5 days against my will. Both times were when I went desperately seeking help for some kind of parasite infection that has invaded my entire body and was accused of being “delusional”. I am so angry about this, I don’t know what to do. I now will not be able to pay my bills and will eventually end up homeless unless I find another job quickly. How I’ll explain my exit from my previous job, I don’t know. In desperation, I’ve sent my story to Dateline, but haven’t heard back from them. I want the public to know how many people there are like me, who are suffering the horror of a parasite infection in their body, and dealing with the side-effect of being outcasts from their family and friends. One family member recently made a comment about me, saying, “OMG, it’s always something with her…”. It’s not my fault that I have this horrible disease and it’s not my fault that the community is so ignorant when it comes to parasite infections. But somehow, I’ve been “blamed” – I’m either “making something out of nothing”, delusional, or just plain annoying. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever seriously considered suicide. I’ve given up on that idea though since my family would just talk about how selfish I was to take my own life and again affect all their nice, happy lives.
    One recent status update: I am on day 12 of a 30-60 day regimen of Cloves, Wormwood, and Black/Green Walnut husk and have actually seen a little improvement in my skin. For the first time in months, yesterday I pulled a scab off my leg that didn’t appear to contain a parasitic worm. It just looked like a “normal scab”. Maybe there is some hope for me.

    • Rachael says:

      I’m so sorry. I have a good two weeks into my full blown invasion as well. Today is the second day I have missed from work as my job is working at a camp, mostly outside in 100+ degree sunny weather, labor intensive so lots of sweating and overheating which makes my parasitic problem very active and painful. I am afraid I need a new job/profession, that is only if I don’t end my life before then. I have done much online research and all points to Morgellons Disease. I have a dear friend with Morgies who showed me her “bugs” and soon after my outbreak happened. I am afraid to tell my doctor or go to the ER for fear of being diagnosed as delusional. I am not insane, my husband has seen the horrible tortures my body is going through, including watching the things come out of my skin. There has to be help. I have moments where I just want to die.

    • Sandra Baldwin says:

      I believe I have the same thing. Also going to infectious disease

    • Randy Rainbolt says:

      Please tell me you’ve found a cut I’ve had the exact same thing for 6 years I’ve seen every doctor within 100 miles of my house. They think I’m crazy I’m about to check out. If it weren’t for my children I would I can’t bear the pain any longer.

    • Sharon says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one.I have had worms ,flies and many other strange things come out of my body.my family thought I was crazy.I’ve worked in medical for 20 years .I’m not stupid or crazy .I feel so alone in dealing with this .they don’t want to hear it .I can’t help it .if u have lived with strange things in your body for several months you would be a little obsessed with it too.every time I think. Finally rid of the tormentors I am sorely disappointed I just want to b normal again

      • mary says:

        It gets betterbut doesnt seem to fully go away i thoughy it was 1 parasitebut not all look the same .i really believe its government related now or something coming over here in cotton etc

        • shimara says:

          I cant get a dr to take me seriously ,I have had one dr completely laugh me out of the ER and I was there because I have a 3 year old and my 11 year old with the same thing as me ive been going through this for 2 years im terrified because we get sick all the time when I never did before and its like the flu but 100 times worse when it flares up, im falling apart at the thought of losing my kids bc no one will acknowledge the findings in our stool because their basic parasite panel shows negative for common parasites this has ruined my life and we are dying and no one could care less.

  7. Pam says:

    That picture of stool sample looks very much like an issue we are having with an infestation on dogs and me. Any solutions?

  8. Sara says:

    I was reading about someone who had those black bugs that move faster then I can see and have sharp legs or bodies cause they hurt when touched or when burrowing into skin and coming out hurts and burns. I went to the Dr after my family wouldn’t believe me and they wanted to send me to a psych evaluation. I can not catch them and I feel like I’m losing my mind does anybody know what I’m dealing with and how to get rid of it asap. They itch and burn and hurt while they move around mostly on my head or mu bottom I need help and don’t know where else to look or what to look for and no idea how to get rid “

    • smwt99 says:

      Hi Pam,
      I have different symptoms than you (worms in my skin, nose, eyes, and stool, and no one believes me either. In fact I have twice gone to a doctor for help with this hellacious disease and have been called “delusional” and had the police called and was driven in the back of a police car, handcuffed, to a mental institution where I was forced to stay there against my will – the first time for 8 days and the second time for 5 days. All the missed time actually caused me to lose my $90k per year job. I couldn’t tell them what happened to me, now could I?!

      My point is that you are NOT crazy and you know what’s going on with your body and just because you may not have travelled abroad recently (I get asked that a lot and when I say NO is when they start looking at me suspiciously), doesn’t mean you don’t have some kind of bug or parasite infection. My suggestion is to keep researching on the internet, find other folks who have your symptoms and then possibly order the meds you think you need from a Canadian or Indian pharmacy. That’s exactly what I did and am finally – FINALLY – getting better. It’s not gone, but I’m learning what works and what doesn’t work with my skin especially.

      Good luck, God bless you, and DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!
      Best regards,

      • Sandra Baldwin says:

        Yes I have this too. there must be many of us . You can contact me at sandra.baldwin113@gmal.com ? I would love to hear more from anybody knowledgeable. I got nowhere with infectious disease and I will be scheduling with dermatology next. Thank you for all the help the other victims have posted. Sincerely

  9. Pam says:

    I have info on this. I need help too.

  10. Chell says:

    I have tbe very same thing going on with me. Same looking bugs. I think its from hook worms maybe. I have coughed up fluke like looking parisites which almost looks like a mushroom, and also what seems to look like claws .

  11. Nicolr says:

    Please anyone with this contact me. I am so desperate my 2 year olds stool looks exactly like this and I see the clear and black things all over her and I feel them in my nose eyes mouth and rear. My 70 year old grandfather has them too and no one believes us. Please help please.
    Email: nicolereihs300@gmail.com

  12. smwt99 says:

    I am happy to give anyone suggestions about what I’ve done to treat myself of this awful disease since I can’t even get past TELLING doctors about my symptoms, much less get them to actually examine me or actually run some tests. I recently had a worm head sticking out of a sore on my arm, went straight to an urgent care place, and she glanced at it and said, “that’s a scab”. I mean, I couldn’t even get her to look at it under a microscope to see that it was coming up OUT of my skin, not on the TOP of my skin like a scab would be. I’ll send these pics and let you all see what you think. The first pic is what it looked like before I peeled the scab up and off (you can clearly see it’s a worm of some kind with black and tan stripes), and once I peeled it up, there were many other tiny worms sticking up out of my skin. The others are the pics of the worms sticking up out of my skin. Scab, my ass. (sorry!, but it just infuriates me that these doctors are so lazy or ignorant, I can’t even get them to break out a magnifying glass, much less a microscope or something. Generally these worms I pull off and out of my body are very tiny are rarely visible to the naked human eye. I use a 6x magnifying glass to look at them in detail.

    Anyway, I’ve been going through this for 9 months, ALONE, with no family or friends to support me because no one believes me, but then they won’t look at the worm samples I have or the pics of them, I think b/c it’s just too gross.

    I’d be happy to take a look at your pics to see if they look like what I have and tell you what I’ve done to make it a bit better. It’s not gone, but it is better.

    Uh-oh. I just noticed I can’t attach pics to this reply, so I will try and re-post my original letter to whatsthatbug.com that I don’t think they ever received. You can do a search on anything smwt99 posts to find my stuff.

    Best regards,

  13. Sandra Baldwin says:

    Yes I had to have the same problems. No luck with infectious disease and going to dermatology next week. Looking forward to the answer and reading more about what has found so far. My nurse practitioner thinks I should have gone to the emergency room but I am not sick . Just miserable. Sincerely Sandy

  14. Chris N says:

    I have the same thing it’s been over a year now I’ve been going to hellish appointment with the doctor they don’t want to look at my samples they don’t want to look at my pictures all they want to do is take a drug test and took me into a psychiatric hold last time I went to the doctor I asked them to come talk to me being that they had strip me but naked and fuck me in a room there were worms crawling on the chair but they refused to even look at them they just came and gave me a shot discharge me 5 minutes 10 minutes later and threw me out the home I could barely walk much less being escorted to my car to drive home I couldn’t figure out where I was so I park the car on the side of the road and waited about an hour and drove mysel. eventually got home I was so furious I didn’t know what to do with worm. I’ve also pass this along to my dog and he is suffering immensely Yvette doesn’t know what to do he is never seen anything like this he says it looks very similar to hook worm I have hundreds of pictures even worms coming up out of my skin as I’m pulling them out with tweezers By Chance has anyone had any luck with any type of treatment please let me know email me desperate in Houston

    • smwt99 says:

      The only little bit of improvement I’ve seen is by taking Albendazole (it’s a prescription drug here but NOT in India where I ordered it from), and then a regimen of Black Walnut Hull w/green, Cloves, and Wormwood. I’ve found I’m THE only one who can help me – no doctor will because they are not trained in parasites and don’t want to show their stupidity so they just call me delusional, give me one of those, “You poor sad creature” looks, and go back to the hard patients with the colds and sprained thumbs.

      I wish I could figure out how to post some pictures here! Can anyone tell me? I’d like to compare what others are seeing to what I see. I believe mine are pupa or larvae of some kind of black fly, since once when I was spraying the heck out of a lesion with hydrogen peroxide, out popped a black leg or antennae and a tiny black fly of gnat of some kind with wings, and it proceeded to walk across my arm until I put my finger down on it before it could get away. I have these here at home in a jar (I pulled 3 of them off/out of me in the same day and none since. If I didn’t have kids, I think I wouldn’t be here typing this now.

      • smwt99 says:

        I forgot to mention that within the last week, I found some pictures on the internet that are the closest thing I’ve seen to what I have. Google “midge larvae”. They’re very close to what I pull out of my skin on a daily basis. They’re tiny, some are red, some are almost translucent, and they all have prominent eyes and a probiscus (the pointy stinger looking thing coming out of their mouth).

        • Chris N says:

          I use Hard As Nails after removing the critters. Clean first with Hydro Peroxide dry the hair dryer in hair and heavy clear coat they can’t breath DEAD DUCKS!

        • Chris N says:

          I am on Day 7 of my treatment RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS. Seems I have the right combo of Prevention, Immune Boosting, Detox, RX Regiment (Two RX, available over the web in any Canadian RX at a reasonable price will need 30 Day supply but was advised a 60 supply), Supplement Regiment, and GET THIS, serving then Sweets via GUNGER SNAPS (regular sugar) AND Peppermint ((sugar free)). I strace them, ruin the environment and send a Ginger Cocktail of well bad stomach ache for the critters!

          Something that works, thanks to my buddy who is a worm enthusiast and a CHEMIST. HE advise along with an Herbalist to not just attack it one or two way but in all direction all at once and THROUGHOUT the day. Details to follow on progress.

          I don’t Itch, no new scabs, lesions are fading, noticeable worm tracks and obvious critter resting places are either smaller or ALL TOGETHER GONE.

          By the way I fired my Shrink. It was so nice LOL.

    • smwt99 says:

      Please email me at smwt99-medical@yahoo.com – I’d like to exchange some pictures to compare. I’ve been suffering from worms/larva/whatever coming out of my skin since January and no one believes me and so I’ve had to order my own meds from India to treat myself. It’s not gone, but might be a bit better.
      Looking forward to an email from you.

  15. Pam jones says:

    I have same thing. Did you find out what it was?

    • .Sue says:

      I still have it and it is getting worse. my forearms look like they have gangrene with sores and live parasites in them that resist being plucked out. I’ve been to six emergency rooms and they barely glanced at it. I think it is eating me from the inside out. They are also in my food now. I can’t bring food in the house without worms appearing in my food and taking over everything. I call them jumping bugs as they can jump across the room also after being plucked from my skin or out of my stool or my nose or my mouth it’s cetera. it’s a shame that someone can’t diagnose this and save many people’s lives. I have tired of being angry about people not believing me because no one does. But I know I live with it everyday and it has ruined my life and all my relationships

  16. Randy Rainbolt says:

    If anyone has advice on how to get rid if this agonizing painful infestation please e mail me at Randallrainbolt01@gmail.com I’m going to die in one of two ways of I don’t get help like everyone else no one believes me doctors want to diagnosed you from across the room. The pain is unbearable. I’ve had it for 6 years. The worms the scab looking ones the clear ones in my mouth the shrimp looking ones heart makes it explode into full on torture. In my eyes even. Please help

  17. All of the above……the problem is if my medical records were laid out in front of any intelligent person, not even a doctor…..a pattern merges. Theone thing I find are in my carpet, bed, linens, pets. They hide under the molding. The first acknowledgement was in the roof of my partial and my adhesive had the black hard specks that look like the top of the partial had pepper scattered on it. I too have had 1000of sample trashed like the garbage professionals think we’re are. The joke will be on them one day. I try to let them know I M afraid it is conteageous. They laugh. My husband has same symptoms, I am home bound and virtually bed bound. The exfoliation process is different for me.
    There is a larva looking waste in bedlines, clothes , fibers, sheets, towels, bedspreads, thrown out three mattress, curtains, extermination process.
    When I go to er or doc they can’t treat the lesions, the parasites, the blood suckers, hard black flat shrimp like things growing out of my head, my lips, my gums swell and wrapped around my bottom teeth and pushed my teeth out of my mouth. My two crowns from the top were swollen I pressed this black stuff oozed from my gums would never go away. I currently have no teeth and dentures that will not fit. This stuff is poreous and airborne. Attaches to every poreous substance in my 1/2 million dollar home that is now trashed the black things bore into the wood beds, tile, granite counter tops, tile, floor, my leather Bible! My pottery … You get the picture. My husband did pull out of head with tweezers. The we’re 1/8 of an inch long, cream like rice shape with claw legs attached out my scalp. Pulled 2 out, doc trashed…since then I have sideway glass like shards in my skin horizontally and can pull the out like splins.. Greyish but then turns brownish and curls up. Glass like matter comes out of my skin and then worm like, black round with brown stripes, then blood oozes out every orifice in my body… Now info my genitals and anus are. In my stool, foam in my urine,
    The other factor was in my toilet 5 years ago, I swiped the front of toilet where water flows back in to toilet after flushed,1000s of these black swimmer like parasites.. Don’t use that word in the good old clean US ofA …that I love.. But it is here. It took my four flushes to get it out. The next day I pulled up the molding from the floor beside that toilet and hundreds of winged types insects boiled out from under this.
    I now have toxic bacteria running from my pours for weeks at a time. Could be lymp fluid because of lymphedia issues due to annual cancer in 2007. Radiation was done on lymph nodes to eliminate my cancer. Since then I have had 8 blood clots, pullminaryembollism. Lovenox shots daly for clots since 2007. My blood pressure of 60/40, heart rate of 228.. Oxygen rate70%. I also have cracked my skull and 12 staples, cracked my ribs, broke my shin, ankle, top and bottom of foot, broke 3 toes, And my tail bone.
    Why did I tell u all of this.. Because I truly believe it has started below my epidermis, thru the dermis, the last skin layer and I now believe that they are attacking my skeletal system as I have ne er had these problems before. I am anemic, my blood count shows me malnutrished, I have had 3 mini strokes with splurged speech, unable to remember address, phone number, even my name. I loose train of thought can not finish sentences..
    This is a progressive disease that is out of control. Diffenerent cycles of cause different problems. Same time last year is when bone fractures began again, lesions emerging out of my skin more rapidly, motor skills effected. Joints lock and can’t move without excruciating pain , balance is empaired, breathing is compromised doing anything more than lying in a reclined position.
    Excruciating pain when can tolerate small portions of food. I feel like oacman is running through ,y intestines garbling up any nutriatants I try to digest. Pain To pass out level. U lucky fools that take for granted your health and normal ife should have to walk in our shoes one day. We are stripped of our dignanty. I used to be a National Number Sales producer of any product I proved was worthy to be endorsed by a genuine happy hardworking mother, wife of 40 year marriage, foster parent of 15 children, teacher and educator of thousands, inspirational speaker. I am now confined to a bed, no energy, can’t cook, clean, live 4 blocks from beach and haven’t seen it three years. I am a joke…to my hospitals locally. I never know when to call for an ambulance because I might be having a heart attack, denial failure because I only have 45% of my right kidney working, left is gone, colon cancer because of the anul cancer… By the way it anul cancer does not show up in blood work. What I do not understand, if doctors want to prove us crazyyyyyyy, why can’t they take a biopsy, a scraping and send it of for testing. Do we have to go through an aids epidemic again before we wake up and realize too many people have the same symptoms. People are crying, begging, pleading for help and some sense of normalcy in their lives again. Just to walk out my front door and breath fresh air, sleep through the night and no pain. No more pain anything. Take your world for granted and one day you will wake up and realize, just because doctors our Gods on earth do not understand it does not mean it is not real and hurting productivity in our communities now. This stuff is worse than antrax…its to tiny to be seen and believed, we all must be crazy. I would really like to have a head count..pets, kids, elderly that count be heard that are dealing with this situation currently.
    I do see the fibrous situation , bloody tar stools and the fecal removal at the beginning of your website.. Been there, carried it in, thrown away..never tested. It is back in that cycle again.
    Out of six years, 5 determotoligists, oconologist, heart, pulmonary, hemoglobin , orthopedic, gastro, dental, thoratic doctors., denial docs, kidney stones, 17 days in intensive care, lovenox injections, exterminators, 4 new mattresses, couch, chairs, recliners, kitchen army supplies…..3 hospitals and probably 50 to 100 days in hospital and can not tell u how many ambulance rides, er doctors…only one did a biopsy and a scraping. Came back as a staph infection which I have had several open incision from breast bone to pelvic bone probably 30 inches across and I literally could see my intenses.. It had to close from the inside out by packing three times a day pulling the infection out of your body and not letting it scab up from the outside.cleaned with saline and sticks to your blood and green oozy infection pouring out of you. 104 fever, cold shakes, dehydration, and nearly dying more times that I like to recall.. Hospitals no that they can contaminate your system, can’t get an I’ve started, not central line, port clogged… You name.. I am if I live to 12/22/1955 will be sixty with my first bought of cancer at nineteen in 1975, from a fertility drug in the 50s my mom took. I know my body and I don’t cry uncle. Dr house could not even take on my case…..
    Prove me wrong with a laboratory reading that says I do not have staph again, rental toxins, blood clot pure circulation causing my lymphonodes not to extreme my toxins, and that is why my body is ravenous with all these microscopic sized parasites that know one can identify… Just like the uprisal of bed bugs, Lyme disease that can not be treated in america but have to go to out of country sources to get the help we need to get well. Problem i am not Chers son or God bless Ulanda Foster with million dollars of exsposible income…and they still aren’t believed with their integrity and clout.. We are just everyday moms, dads, grandmas, aunts, uncles, kids….that want, need, and would appreciate help, empathy, understanding and to be believed. Test our samples, don’t throw them away, by the way not in a hazardous waste procedure…..everyday normal trash, sometimes on a maternity ward with new Boris, pediatric doc that treats pediatrics and elderly at the same location… See a pattern… The helpless where accountability is not high on the register.
    Believe me or not… Thanks for the therapy.. I guess I will be sent to the Crazy Farm next. I am sorry those whom have not been believed weren’t. I believe you for what it is worth. god knows my heart is full of compassion. Hopefully someone with more genius that me, can help us poor crazy people. Results whether they want it or not because of the humanity factor…should win the Noble Prize.. It is the next generation of medical problems.. It multiplys to fast ..it has to have some sporadic factors. I do not know how to present any better than the rest of you…I just have had the symptoms longer, I am afraid and they have progressed further so it will make my life probably as able this time. But maybe someone else can be saved from this terrible syndrome or disease or fluke of nature….

  18. I also seem to have this same parasite, whatever it is. I read all these comments on here and i came across one that someone had some results in using this treatment. I also added my own little concoction to the mix. I have not been to a Dr because i’ve been afraid they may lock me away somewhere. This is what i have done. I took a bath with water hot as i could tolerate. I added 1 box of baking soda and 1 bottle of pure white vinegar (16 OZ) I began pouring the water over myself, and right before my eyes i was seeing the bugs in the water. I continued to do this for about 10 mins. Then i completely drained the tub, ( staying in the tub) then i turned on the shower as hot as possible and rinsed everything out of the tub. I lathered up good with soap, rinsed, then i dumped a 16 oz bottle of Listerine over my body. waited about 5 mins then rinsed off. While still in the tub, I semi tried to dry and pat of some of the water. I then applied a bottle of coconut oil for hair( it will look like Vaseline in container). I covered my entire body including my face. I was absolutely terrified and ready to scream, thousands of bugs started coming out of my skin. Some black. larger at one end and other end looked similar to a fishtail. Some were blackish brown with red, like blood tinge. I don’t know what kind of bugs these are but I have about 50 good samples on tissue and in a prescription bottle and capped. some are larger than others, and also i do have the worms in my nose and suspect an infestation in my head, mostly in back , and also in my eyes. This stuff is beyond words, it’s really indescribably painful to say the least. I don’t know if what i’m doing will eventually get rid of them, but it’s bringing them out so that means there are less in my body, but who knows how many are still there. Forgot to mention that when the bugs start coming out, wait as long as you can see they are still coming, and then just shower off with hot water to remove them off your body and then rinse the tub. Your skin will still be a little oily, but that’s okay just dab off any excess and leave the rest there to moisturize your body. Good luck everyone, this is unbelievable.

  19. shanna tognarelli says:

    They are called Parasite Flukes,Helmiths I could use as many friends with this as I can because of my own case. Sometimes they are enviornmental, from soil, carried by a vector spider,fly and so on. contact me ifv you need to. shannatognarelli@yahoo.com

  20. what you all seem to have is Morgellons…I have had it for more than twenty years! best advice..pray”’herb

  21. lisakassner says:

    I have this too… Morgellons is what I am thinking too… please email me @ lalisa@pacbell.net if you have found what this is and the cure? Kindest and sincerest warm regards…

  22. lisakassner says:

    Perhaps Morgellons or ropeworm

  23. Alanna says:

    Has anyone tried diatomaceous earth? I had being feeling unwell for quite a while and was thinking of taking humaworm ( natural de wormer) my friend who is into natural therapies said to try diatomaceous earth- or DE. Food grade btw!! it took about a week of use morning and night- a lot of water too but have started to see a lot of exactly what is in this picture coming out in bm. Feeling best I have in ages. Good for you in other way too. Google it. Oh and best thing about it- it’s not expensive. Btw I don’t sell it or anything I just understand how frustrating being unwell is and this work for me.

  24. Feelingbetter says:

    This is my third year with the same issues and the same responses from Dr.’s as you all have had. I also have had the period of time where I wanted to kill my self. I was ashamed of how I look. I also have gained 100lbs from this. I have found that the black bugs are grass mites and dust mites. They burrow under your skin and I have fibro which makes me hurt twice as much and I also am allergic to something in the toxin they produce. So I have an allergic reaction constantly and live on benedryl. So, I am going to give you some GREAT ANSWERS . I have found that taking Cats claw helps immensely. Apply Jojoba oil two to three times a day directly to your skin makes them not able to breathe.

    Most important!! You have to every three days vacuum and treat your carpets with an ensomatic cleaner. They are in all of our clothes so badly that we have become so infested its easier for us to throw away all of the clothes and buy new. We are keeping only sentimental items. Even getting a new couch. You will find they are in anything that is fabric in your home. It feels like you have rubbed up against fiberglass and then you get and open sore that wont heal unless you do as I suggested. I have not left my home for two years except for Dr appts. I have missed every holiday and the birth of my first grand child 15 miles from my home out of shame of how I look. This is not OUR FAULT!!! Take back your power and feel better with the oil and cleaning your bedding every other day. I hope this helps someone who reads it through.

  25. T says:

    To The original poster- anonymous – I realize this forum is a few years old but i have the EXACT SAME things in my stool. the little white sand looking eggs and the strangely appendage parasite. My stool samples come back negative, and my doctor keeps telling me i have IBS and giving me medications that do not work, as i do not have IBS. I have a parasite. Have you gotten any answers on your condition?

    • B Alan Anthony L says:

      Bumping it again. Thank you everyone above (and also the host of this site for paying for the bandwidth and allowing thread to continue). I’ve passed these items from all orifices and was just about to walk into another clinic under urge and drive of wife but hope I can wait for my infectious disease appt in two weeks. I will report back conclusion and my own remedies so we can tackle this infliction. Now at least I see light of possibility after three years with this thing (at least if not longer). Peace all. B. Alan Anthony L.

      • Cryingout says:

        What happened with your appointment? Eager to know as infectious disease refused me and my 5 year old son?! Thanks

  26. Scarlett says:

    Links below (and there are soooo many more)


    Top 5 Worst Internet Health Information Sites: Part 2 Curezone.org Introduction | Alt/Trad Medical Review




    The Truth about Gallbladder and Liver “Flushes”

    And my personal favorite:

    Chris N. says: “I went to the doctor I asked them to come talk to me being that they had strip me but naked and fuck me in a room there were worms crawling on the chair but they refused to even look at them” WOW! No wonder they wanted you to see a psych. Do you even read what you post?

    Now…..you all say you have these multitude of issues, and yet you go looking for info not from the TRAINED drs. you seem to despise, rather you go to what is clearly a tongue in cheek, satirical website.

    Need I say more….because be,i eve me, I could rip apart about 80% of these posts.
    Pardon me while I go on a laughing fit. And you wonder why your drs. and families think something is up with you. You will dr. shop until you find someone to bully into giving a some horrendous diagnosis you most likely do not have.

    One last thing……since you literally have hundreds of these things doing the conga line from your skin, why is it you have not put said “creatures” in a jar and shown the drs.?

    What’s that word called again? oh yes…Munchausens by internet or whatever form your taking this.

    Over and out before I get screamed at by the worms!
    Take care all!

  27. AJay says:

    I am or was a healthy 39 year old female when I started the constant itching and discomfort I have now all the symptoms listed here I refuse to be discouraged any more after reading the posts from a few kind people here I now feel as if I can hang tough till I can find the way out of the hell that is this disease I asked God to lift thus from all of us any two that pray will be heard and delivered THANK YOU BRAVE SOULS FOR SHARING AND CONTINUING TO FIGHT

  28. Marie says:

    Without taking part in the ridiculous drama in the posts, I’d suggest heading to your nearest pharmacy/drugstore and asking for Pinworm treatment.
    In Canada it’s over the counter, simple ID is needed to open a file, idk about the USA though. The entire household has to be treated and you have to wash all blankets etc in hot water.

    I’m sorry for what you’re going through, and I’m also very sorry to all of you who had bad experiences with a handful of idiots who shouldn’t have medical degrees.

    If after the treatment symptoms persist tell a doctor you have severe anal itching in your sleep and it’s keeping you awake at night and you suspect pinworms. If he has a brain he will give you an order to have a stool sample collected and tested. The lab will then test your stool for a handful of common bacteria’s.

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