Subject: Beetles on the beans and squash!
Location: Mt. pleasant, NC
June 3, 2014 6:09 am
Hi, bug man! I’ve got these little critters all over my beans, squash, and some of the weeds in my garden. Some have suggested a blister beetle, but the pattern is slightly different in those pictures… I’ve not seen these guys before. I live in the piedmont of NC.
Signature: Steph Street

Leaf Beetles

Leaf Beetles

Dear Steph,
We believe we have correctly identified your Leaf Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae as
Lema solani, a species with no common name, thanks to images on BugGuide.  You indicate they are feeding on beans and squash, and the information provided on BugGuide indicates they feed on “Solanaceae” which is the family that includes tomatoes and peppers.

Thank you!  I will keep an eye on my tomatoes and peppers for sure.  I believe the weed they are feeding on in my garden is in the pepper family.  Perhaps something else is munching my beans and squash.

Location: Mt Pleasant, North Carolina

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