Subject: Daniel – What’s This Egg Sac?
Location: Hawthorne, CA
May 29, 2014 2:44 pm
Hi Daniel,
I found this egg sac on the bud of a Pincushion Bloom yesterday. I wish I knew what creature emerged from it, but have been unable to identify. I tried Vanessa Annabella, Gulf Fritillary, Gray Hairstreak and Cabbage Butterfly. None of them seem to match what we have. Can you help?
Signature: Thanks, Anna Carreon

What's That Empty Shell???

What’s That Empty Shell???

Dear Anna,
Because of the silken anchor lines, we do not believe this is an egg, but possibly a pupal shell.  We are pretty certain it is not a butterfly egg.  How large was it?  It seems too large for an insect egg, but we are not certain of the scale as we are not familiar with the pincushion bloom.  Sadly, only two cosmos plants sprouted in the garden, and since we are dealing with a gopher this year for the first time, we hope they make it to maturity and reseed.

Perhaps a Pupal Casing

Perhaps a Pupal Casing

Dear Daniel,
I’m so sorry to have not responded before now.  This was just a little less than 1/8″ in diameter and the pincushion bloom bud was just a little under 1″ in diameter.  I am also inclined to say that it was a pupal shell as I looked at more photos of it and found some detritus inside.
We are sorry to hear that only two cosmos plants sprouted in your garden.  Ours are just now returning, maybe you will have more as time goes on.  How’s that darn gopher?

It ate the onions.

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Location: Hawthorne, CA

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