Subject: unknown bug
Location: Virginia
May 27, 2014 4:39 am
So I’ve been having some trouble recently with bugs- bed bugs, spiders, even a centipede or two. However this is a new one.
I was getting ready to take a shower and noticed a black object on my breast and when I looked down I noticed a black thing attacked to my breast. Flicking didn’t get it off, so I had to grab a washrag and scrub it off. It fell into the sink and started to move around, which is when I grabbed the picture. It was small, eight legs but no pincers as far as I could tell.
It did leave a bite on the skin, not deep and it doesn’t appear to have caused any damage.
Signature: freaked out



Dear freaked out,
At the risk of adding to your anxiety, we need to inform you that you were being parasitized by a Tick.  Ticks are blood suckers, and when their preferred host is not available, many species will feed off the blood of humans.  On a positive note, you managed to dislodge this Tick relatively quickly, and there is always a danger when removing a Tick that the head will remain embedded in the skin and cause an infection.  Also, the damage caused by Ticks is often delayed.  Ticks are known vectors for many diseases, including Lyme Disease.  See the CDC website for more information on Lyme Disease.  You may have encountered this Tick while hiking in fields or woods where they lie waiting for hosts like deer, or you may have had it transferred by a pet like a cat or dog that goes outdoors.

Location: Virginia

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