Subject: Type and countey of origin if possible
Location: South east asia
May 23, 2014 8:34 am
I found this beauty staying still for quite a long time.. dont want to catch it though.. love to know what species is this beauty from..
Signature: M.tux

Lichen Moth

Lichen Moth

Dear M. tux,
Your inquiry has us confused.  You did not get very specific in your location, and you are requesting the “countey of origin” which implies that you don’t know where the image was taken, yet your text implies you took the image.  At any rate, this is a Lichen Moth in the tribe Lithosiini and we believe we have correctly identified it as 
Cyana horsfieldi thanks to this posting on FlickR.  It is also pictured on the Moths of Borneo and on BioLib.

Thanks.. I took the picture at my country, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I wanted to know the origin of the bug if possible, I mean from which country. I guess I did not understand the fields of the form actually, my bad. But thanks for identifying that bug for me

Location: Southeast Asia

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