Subject: Tarantula Hawk Hunting, Looking for Host?
Location:  Red Car Property, Silverlake, Los Angeles, California
May 25, 2014 12:39 pm
Hi Daniel,
I was walking the Red Car Property in Silver Lake this morning and got some photos of a Tarantula Hawk walking a grid pattern 12″ across, 6″ up, the 12″across like she was wither hunting for prey or a host for eggs.  Photos and longer version of story here:
Signature: Diane E

Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawk

Hi Diane,
Thanks for informing us about this Tarantula Hawk sighting in nearby Silver Lake.  We have taken the liberty of capturing an image from your posting and linking back to your site, but we were unable to capture the first image for some unknown reason.  Several years ago, our editorial staff observed a large Tarantula Hawk right below the Red Car Property in the Los Angeles River, and just last year, we observed a large Tarantula Hawk at Barnsdell Park.  The behavior you observed might be related to locating prey, or it might have to do with locating an ideal site for a nursery burrow.  As an aside, the new construction on the site of the old Monte Sano Hospital has saddened us.  That plateau was a lovely lookout point, excellent photo location, and perfect lupine habitat.  There is also the loss of endangered native, California Black Walnuts as a result of the construction.

Hi Daniel
Thanks.  We’re hoping the Trust for Public Land acquires the Red Car Property this year to preserve what little Black Walnut Woodland we have left in Silver Lake.  TPL just announced an option on the property.  I’m tired of losing open space to big stucco boxes!
Diane Edwardson


Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles, California

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