Subject: Unknown Black Bug
Location: Lonboat Key, Florida
May 17, 2014 6:13 pm
Do you know what this is? I found on my doorstep in Longboat Key, Florida. My neighbor said she found one in the past at a home on Anna Maria Island, Florida.
Thank you
Signature: R. Banach


Giant Vinegaroon

Dear R. Banach,
This is a Giant Vinegaroon or Tailed Whipscorpion.  Though they are distantly related to Scorpions, Vinegaroons do not have any venom, so they are not considered harmful to humans.  That said, a large specimen has strong mandibles that might allow a Vinegaroon to bite a person, but that can be avoided by careful handling of the Arachnid.  The common name Vinegaroon originates with the Tailed Whipscorpion’s ability to discharge a weak concentration of acetic acid which smells like vinegar.

Location: Lonboat Key, Florida

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