Subject: what kind of ground beetle?
Location: Hermann, Missouri
May 8, 2014 2:53 pm
These were dashing across the driveway this afternoon. I’d never seen them before so I grabbed a few….deciding that of they were something good I’d deliver them back. And if they were some invasive non-native i’d not let them live. Turns out they’re ground beetles of some sort, though what variety i couldn’t discover. And purportedly beneficial, so they all went back to the driveway. Apparantly nocturnal (?is this variety??) If so, that’d explain why i’ve never seen them before. So, if they are nocturnal, why be bright bodied? (undersides are iridescent) There’s gotta be a reason why they’re so bright and i think THAT reason is what i observed today! …. mating! our driveway is mostly creek gravel (orangish brown) with areas of limestone rock, which is white. Most of these were running up and down and across the white part of the driveway. i figure it is som
Signature: Eight Pond Farm

Fiery Searchers

Fiery Searchers

Dear Eight Pond Farm,
This is the second report we have gotten today of large numbers of Caterpillar Hunters.  The other was from Virginia.  Your Caterpillar Hunters are Fiery Searchers,
Calosoma scrutator.  They are indeed beneficial predators.

i shot a video of them all skittling about in the bucket.   wanna see it?
btw…  today, there were a few crossing the driveway, but yesterday was THE biggie!

Location: Hermann, Missouri

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  1. Tina says:

    I am in Holts Summit, MO and we are also over run with these ground beetles. I am going to assume it is because we are also over run with caterpillars. Everywhere you look they are hanging from the trees.

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