Subject: School Project
Location: High Desert California
May 3, 2014 11:11 am
I was assigned a project to pin bugs and give their scientific names but I can’t find the name of this bug.
Signature: Confused Student

Female Turkestan Cockroach

Possibly Female Turkestan Cockroach

Dear Confused Student,
Though we have issues with doing homework projects, your email indicates that you have identified other specimens but this Cockroach is a remaining challenge. At first we thought this might be a  female Turkestan Cockroach,
Shelfordella lateralis, an Invasive Exotic species that exhibits pronounced sexual dimorphism, that was allegedly “introduced to the US in the late 1970s, presumably by military personnel returning from the Middle East” according to BugGuide.  We first posted images of Turkestan Cockroaches in 2011.  Your individual appears to lack the “short whitish lateral dash at base of wing” which are a diagnostic characteristic, according to BugGuide.  This individual from BugGuide also lacks the lateral dashes at the base of the wings.  We will attempt to substantiate our tentative identification.

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Location: California

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