Subject: Moth
Location: Le Chautay, France
April 18, 2014 4:42 am
Dear Bugman, I was wondering if you could help me identify this beautiful moth i found in France.
Signature: Cassia

Garden Tiger Moth

Garden Tiger Moth

Hi Cassia,
We were excited to get your photo, but upon using our typical naming convention, we were startled to find another example of a Garden Tiger Moth from France submitted by Cassia, so we added the number 2 to the name, and again, it came up as already in use, so we eventually settled on the Y2K compliant date of 20140418.  Upon researching the previously submitted images, we realized you had already submitted this image in September 2013, and we provided a lengthy response.  For some reason, you did not receive our response, so we present your new request as Garden Tiger Moth from France REDUX.

Dear Bugman,
I’m sorry about that, I had completely forgotten that I had already sent this one in – thank you for all of the wonderful information about the Garden Tiger Moth!

Location: Le Chautay, France

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